Box Sash Windows Traditional Design with Double Glazing

Benefits of our New Double Glazed Wood Sash Windows

Supplied as standard with complete Draught Exclusion our double glazed Box Sash Windows will prevent heat loss from your home. We include draught excluders to the Top, Bottom and Centre of the sashes in our window units. As well as this we also fit Draught Excluder Brushes to the parting and staff beads virtually eliminating all heat loss.

Soft Coat Low 'E' Glass Benefits in Winter

Our double glazed sash window units are manufactured in a Soft Coat Low 'E' Glass as standard. Our 24mm double glazed sash windows will reflect heat back into your room during the Winter months off of the Low 'E' Glass.

Sash Windows Benefits during Summer Months

Traditional design Sash Windows provide excellent Ventilation during the Summer for your property. The design allows the Top Sash to be lowered and the Bottom Sash raised so that the gaps are equal at the Top and Bottom of your windows. This design ventilates your property by allowing fresh air to enter via the lower sash and warmer air to exit via the higher top sash, cooling and ventilating your rooms.

Sash Windows

Box Sash Window Units Specifications

We can manufacture Box Sash windows to customer specifications in a range of different hardwoods. As standard we would produce double glazed box sashes in a quality joinery grade sustainable Redwood incorporating Hardwood window cills.

Double Glazing in Our Sashes

Our 24mm Double Glazing Sash Window units are manufactured in Soft Coat Low 'E' Glass ( 1.2 U Value ) for the inner pane. We can also produce Box Sash Windows in other double glazed options, such as 14mm extra Slim Glazing Units ( 1.6 U Value ) or Acoustic Reduction windows to help reduce problems with noise pollution.

Draught Exclusion to Prevent Heat Loss

We use hidden Flippers and Draught Exclusion Brushes to prevent Heat Loss during the colder times of year.

Balancing Sash Windows

To Balance our Box Sash Windows we either use Traditional Lead Weights with Pullies or Spiral Balancers (springs).

Wood Preservative Finishing Treatments

We can treat your Wooden Sashes with an Organic Protim Preservative pressure treatment, offering a 25 year Guarantee against Fungus and Rot damage.
Your Windows can be finished in your choice of Paint specification, such as a Micro-Porous full four Coat spray paint finish or a quality one coat Primer finish.

double glazed sash windows