Original Wood Sash Windows Restoration Service within the UK

Restoring your Sash Windows to their Former Glory!

Our Restoration Program includes :

  • Removal of existing original sliding sashes for repair and renovation.
  • Repair, Restoration and Painting of original Box surround.
  • Repair and complete overhaul of original Wood Sash Window units.
  • Replace and re-weight original sashes using new quality pre-stretched Nylon Sash Cord.
  • Fit new timber beading with integral draught brush strips for complete Draught Exclusion.
  • Re-Paint the renovated Sash Window for a High Quality Finish.
  • Re-Fit or Replace Window Ironmongery and Fittings.

Restoration Windows

Original Weather Damaged Sash Window

Restoration Windows Repair

Restoration and Repair Process Begins

By using Wood Windows London Restoration Service you will eliminate any Draughts and Rattles that you experience with Old Original Sash Windows

Once we have undertaken the above Sash Windows Restoration service to your existing old original Sash Windows this will eliminate any Draughts during the colder Winter months.
During the Summer months you will be able to easily open your newly renovated and re-weighted sliding sash windows. By opening the Top and Bottom sashes equally you will enable hot air to escape via the Top sash and cool air to enter via the Bottom sash, providing perfect ventilation for your rooms.

Scientists Recommend Sash Windows for Property Ventilation

Scientists from the Imperial College of London have found that sash windows could be the answer to ventilation problems during Summer heat wave weather. The original design of sash window units installed by the Victorians and Edwardians provided the perfect solution to ventilating a property adequately.

Quotes from Dr. G Hunt who leads research on ventilation at the Imperial College :

"Many of us have forgotten how to correctly use the sash windows so carefully installed by the Edwardians and Victorians to maximise airflow. "

"If used correctly it is possible to significantly improve comfort in the office or at home without using air conditioning units that place high demands on energy and increase carbon-dioxide emissions."

"The trick to getting the maximum flow of air through the window is to slide the sashes so the window is open equally at the top and bottom."

Restoration Finished Windows

Completed Original Sash Window Restoration Project