The Plague of Plastic Windows Replacing Traditional Timber Framed Windows!

The Advantages of Traditional Timber Framed Sash Windows

If you are being shown around an amazing Victorian house by an estate agent they will often reel off a list of original period features. But the estate agents piece de resistance is often the Original Timber Sash Windows!

Although wood can be more expensive, it will Add Value to your Home rather than taking away value. It is also important to consider that well maintained wood windows will last many lifetimes, whereas uPVC windows can discolour and should in theory be replaced every 10-20 years. Also, since when was Plastic a design feature of the Victorian age?

Windows make up the face of a home and make a huge contribution to a homes character. In a survey by 'English Heritage' 82% felt that original features such as wooden sash windows tend to Add Financial Value to Properties and 78% believed that traditional windows helped to Sell a Property Quicker!

Replacing original timber windows is incredibly wasteful and you should note that the original timber used to make them was usually of the very highest quality available.

Modern Wooden Windows made from sustainably sourced timber are of a High Standard and are expected to last 60 years or more!

Wood Windows

A Plague of Plastic Windows

More than four out of five of the countries 9300 conservation areas are now affected by the influx of uPVC windows!

'English Heritage' is launching a survey to help in the protection of officially recognised conservation areas. One of the main targets of this is to prevent the "Plague of Plastic Windows" that are replacing Wooden Box Sash Windows around the country.

Is it wrong to use uPVC in a period home?

Plastic windows constitute one of the most serious threats to areas which are designated by councils to be "of special architechtural or historical interest".

The oldest Plastic uPVC windows, installed 20 years ago have now completely had it! Plastic degrades over time, discolours and becomes mottled. uPVC windows and doors cannot be repaired and therefore have to be completely replaced.

They may be low maintenance but plastic windows are also highly obsolescent and will need replacing due to degradation in 10 to maximum 20 years. Environmentally uPVC produces toxins during manufacture and uPVC is also difficult to dispose of.

In nearly all cases replacing Traditional Wood Sash Windows with Plastic Windows will Devalue your Property!

Plastic Windows